Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Reason to Live

Those who go on living
must find a reason to.
Some have latched on diving,
and others make the stew.
To cook and swim are dear,
but my purpose is other.
Seamus told me to live here,
and call out thoughts when bothered.
Call "Out on thee!" when they strike,
and do not give them license
To act in assholes-in-action's like,
or batter and grow a crisis.
Drive out the insolents all,
and give the ignorants care,
So our children cannot fall
under the refuse they must bear.

Muse, I must needs express myself.
This woman's honesty
puts volumes of love on my shelf,
and I cry out "Gramercy!"
A reason for me to strive
is to make me a good man
In all of my friends' lives,
so their love may sister my stand.
Untruths be made unwords,
or cleave my head with a blade,
Or with a trick or hand from my lord,
or make all my shine-dears fade.
Raise every birthed child's voice,
and climb a peak in morning,
So you may smile on your choice,
and keep this purpose burning.